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Discover How You Can Listen In To Cell Phone Calls

listen in to cell phone callsNow here’s an exciting topic that we want to talk about today – how to listen in to cell phone calls.

Naturally if you can listen to phone calls from someone’s phone you can get a ton of information about that person’s life.  Imagine being able to hear who they’re talking to and what the conversations are about.

It’s a quick way to learn about what they’re up to!  And thanks to a recent upgrade to SpyBubble cell monitoring software it’s not possible:

See a demo here > > >


SpyBubble announced a “PRO” version of their software that include two new advanced features – call listening and environment listening.



How To Listen In To Cell Phone Calls

Now let’s look at each of the two new features and how they work:


1) Call Listening

This is the feature that let’s you listen in to cell phone calls and hear both who the person is talking to and of course, what they’re saying.

Call listening will allow you to tap into the phone at any time to hear the current conversations.  It also has the ability to record calls so that you can hear any of the calls they’ve made on the phone.


Obviously this is a massive upgrade!  This feature really catapults this software into a full surveillance tool.


2) Environment Listening

I’ve heard some people say they’re more excited about this feature than he first, although I tend to disagree.  It’s useful, but for me being able to hear phone calls is a stronger feature.

Environment listening essentially turns the phone into a live microphone that you can activate at anytime.


The idea is that you can listen in to what the person is doing at anytime.  An example would be if they were out for dinner and had their phone on the table.  You could activate this feature and the cell phone’s microphone would relay all the sounds it was picking up.  Potentially you could hear the conversations the person was having at that time.

There’s a lot of potential for this feature obviously and if the phone is in the right place when you activate it you could end up hearing some important information.


There are lots of situations where being able to listen in to cell phone calls would come in handy.  Obviously when you can hear conversations from someone’s phone you can find out information about that person’s life.


For full details, check out the official website.



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