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How To Hack Into Someone’s Text Messages

There’s not too many days that go by without me getting an email about about how to hack into someone’s text messages.  And it makes sense!

Think about just how popular texting has become!


It’s kinda nuts – billions of messages are sent everyday.  And as you know, people will text about ANYTHING.

They’ll send flirtatious messages, texts that contain secrets, share gossip etc…..


…and to hack into someone’s text messages all you need is a software program called SpyBubble that lets you monitor any phone

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How Does It Hack Into Someone’s Text Messages?

Ok, so let’s look a bit more at how the software actually works.  You know it lets you see someone’s texts, but how?


SpyBubble is a program that can be installed on any cell phone in order to monitor the activity from the phone.  The installation is a very simple process and will then allow you to see what happens on the phone without you needing to touch the actual phone.

As you know, cell phones are all connected to the internet and data plans are a normal part of cell phone packages.  This program uses the internet to send information about the usage of the phone to a website that you can login to and see what the phone’s owner has done.


When you download the software you’ll get a username and password.  This lets you logon to the website and see everything that has happened on the phone that your copy of the software is monitoring.

And I should point out that this software is completely undetectable.  So it tracks what has happened on the phone without the person knowing that the phone is being monitored.


And it does a lot more than just make it possible to hack into someone’s text messages!

Along with being able to see another person’s texts you can also see their call history, their web browsing history, go through their photos, look at their contact list and more.


See it all here

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