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Read Text Messages From Someone’s Phone (without them knowing!)

read texts from someones phone

If you want to read text messages from someone’s phone without that person knowing, then you’re in luck!  Today we’re exploring a software program that lets you see all of someone’s texts and what else they do on their phone.

It’s easy to use and since it works in stealth mode, you can monitor a cell phone without the person who is using the phone even knowing it’s installed…

The software’s called SpyBubble and it’s available to anyone:

Check it out here > >




Read Text Messages From Someone’s Phone and a Lot More!


Now this software – as you may have already learned from the link above – lets you take a look at a ton more than just the text messages from the person’s phone.  You’re going to be able to see anything else that happens on that cell phone.

Probably the most exciting feature is the call tapping one which lets you listen to actual phone calls!  This is a recent addition to the program and obviously one that has a lot of uses.

Being able to hear every conversation the person has is going to give you a complete look into their lives.


On top of that and being able to read text messages from someone’s phone and listen to phone calls you’ll also be able to review all their mobile web browsing history, see their full contact list, see their phone call history, track the location of the cell phone at all times and more.

It’s an impressive surveillance tool that gives you a complete look into the phone’s usage…

See all the features here


The reasons for wanting to read text messages from someone’s phone vary from person to person.  Some want to monitor their children, others need to “spy” on someone to get answers that they desperately need.

The bottom line is that anytime you need to learn about what another person is doing, this software gives you an easy way of getting these answers.  Something worth checking out!




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